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Extremely fast with 250 µs sampling time Easy programming via PC 9 single controlling programs storable Handling independent of a PC For use with a digital IMPAC pyromete...
The DA 6000-C is a fast P- controller including a precise digital LED indicator. The unit is optimised for being used with IMPAC digital pyrometers for non contact temperature meas...
USB LabKIT, adapter RS485 ? USB with targeting light push-button and analog output clamp pyrometer cable, power supply 100...240 V AC Reference number: 3 852 610
Converter USB 2.0 <=> RS232 Reference number: 3 852 580 To be used in conjunction with Power supply NG 0S
USB-RS485 Adapter CableLength: 1,8 m To be used in conjunction with Power Supply NG 0S Reference number: 3 826 720
Converter USB <=> RS485 for direct connection of pyrometers with RS485 to USB Reference number: 3 852 600
Fast RS232 <=> RS485 converter for Din-rail-mounting Reference number: 3 852 430
PROFIBUS DP-Protocol converter for connecting max. 32 pyrometers Reference number: 3 852 460
PROFINET IO-Protocol converter for connecting max. 32 pyrometers Reference number: 3 852 630
The RS232/485 – Ethernet TCP/IP – converter is designed for the connection of digital LumaSense Pyrometers to the Ethernet network. Devices equipped with RS232 (max 1 device) and ...
Monitors the contamination of pyrometer’s optics or sight-windows in combination with digital IMPAC ratio pyrometers with UPP® Reference number: 3 826 430
The IO 8-6 can be used for input and output of digital signals. It consists of one module which can be mounted onto a DIN rail. In order to be used with the program InfraWin, the ...