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Clima Sensor D

Part number: 4.91xx.00.061
These are available as
• Serial RS 485/422 telegram and as
• Analogue outputs
for further processing
The CLIMA Sensor D has an internal DCF77 receiver, which takes the time signal of an atomic clock, and integrates it into the data telegram.
Ranges of application are:
• Building control systems
• Control technique
• Green house technique
• Processing of the acquired data to recording or display instruments.
Depending on the model, the following data can be measured by the Clima Sensor D:
• Wind velocity
• Precipitation (yes/no)
• Brightness in Eastern, Southern and Western direction
• Twilight
• Temperature
• Rel. humidity
The respective holder serves for the mounting at masts or plane surfaces, depending on the range of application. Instrument with internal condensation shield