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IMPAC IN 140/5

Impac IN 140/5 series pyrometers are ideal for non-contact measurement of glass and quartz-glass surfaces.

  • Short response times
  • Small spot sizes
  • Focusable optics
  • Digital display
  • Test current output


The Impac® IN 140/5 digital pyrometers are ideal for non-contact temperature measurement of glass and quartz-glass surfaces between 250 and 2500°C.

The IN 140/5 series showcases very short response time and extremely small spot sizes. It has two model variations. The IN 140/5-L is equipped with a better field-of-view (optics 2-NL) and the high-speed IN 140/5-H has a short response time of only 10 ms.


  • Accurately measure fast-moving, small objects
  • Exactly align with laser targeting light or thru-lens finder
  • Use focusable optics to match application requirements
  • View temperature measurements via the built-in display or PC
  • Adjust pyrometer parameters on the instrument or PC using InfraWin Software


  • Thru-lens view finder or laser targeting light
  • Built-in digital display
  • Interface RS232 / RS485 switchable
  • Very short response time, minimum 10 ms
  • Extremely small spot sizes, minimum 0.9 mm