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Impac IPE 140/45 pyrometer features a specialized CO2 absorption band to accurately measure hot CO2 gas.

  • Flame temperature measurement
  • Combustion gas temperature measurement
  • Focusable options
  • Highly accurate digital pyrometer
  • Available as a system for FEGT monitoring


The Impac® IPE 140/45 pyrometer measures the temperature of flames and hot combustion gas with approximately 10% CO2 and a thickness of 40 cm. The IPE 140/45 is digital and highly accurate due to the CO2 absorption band’s narrow spectral range. Three focusable optics are available.

The IPE 140/45 is also available as part of the furnace exit-gas temperature (FEGT) system designed for reliable, continuous non-contact temperature monitoring of hot combusion gas containing CO2. 


  • Optimize alignment via lens view finder or laser target light
  • Measure hot combustion gas with a thickness of 40 cm
  • Measure flame temperatures
  • Adjust parameters via integrated the key pad or interface


  • Small spot sizes
  • Short response times
  • Test current output
  • Focusable optics
  • Housing with precision mounting rail