Pyroview 320L

Whether in industrial process measurement technology, quality control or for monitoring tasks – the PYROVIEW 320L with 320 × 240 pixels measures temperatures without contact exactly and reliably. Also in very fast processes or at temperature changes the data acquisition happens in real-time.

In stationary industrial continuous operation measurement data is recorded with high accuracy on fixed or moving measurement objects. In this way production processes are monitored and controlled efficiently.

Therefore the Ethernet interface guarantees a data acquisition without loss and with no appreciable time delay up to 50 images per second. The maximum image frequency of 50 Hz is adjusted optimally to the thermal time constant of the infrared array.

Manual focus standard and wide angle infrared lenses provide a flexible adjustment to different measurement object sizes at different measurement distances. The infrared camera is built in a small aluminium housing "compact+". In additional, the camera can be integrated into a weather-proof housing also in combination with a pan-tilt-unit.

The camera observes the production in stand-alone operation without any connected computer via two galvanically isolated digital inputs and outputs. All process parameters of the standalone version are programmed once on location via PC connection. The modular Windows software PYROSOFT of the camera can be adjusted and extended to process-related requirements. The free software PYROSOFT Compact is delivered with every PYROVIEW infrared camera.

Accessori e Software:

Power supply box
I/O box
Software Pyrosoft
System configuration compact stand alone operation
System configuration protection Industrial application
System configuration protection PLC coupling


Informazioni aggiuntive

  • Applicazioni:
    • Industria vetraria
    • Industria siderurgica
    • Produzione di semiconduttori
    • Controllo traffico nelle gallerie
    • Rapida rilevazione incendi
  • Materiali: Alluminio