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Ultraschall Anemometer 2D Compact

Part number:
The following measurement data are available:
• Orthogonal wind velocity vectors (X- and Y-distance)
• Scalar / vectorial wind velocity wind direction
• Acoustic-virtual temperature
The instrument is especially suitable for the use in the fields of:
• Regenerative power generation, wind power plants
• Industry automation
• Wind warning devices, building construction and building security
• Traffic engineering, aviation and navigation
• Meteorology
• Climatology
The measurement principle allows, compared to the classic anemometers, an inertiafree measurement of running variable dimensions with highest precision and accuracy.
The data can be served
• analogically*, as standard signal or / and digitally in
• ASCII THIES- Format or
• binary as MODBUS RTU protocol
If necessary, the instrument is automatically heated at critical ambient temperatures. Thus, the risk of malfunction caused by icing is minimized.
The model no. 4 3875 2x xxx is equipped with an additional baro transmitter.
* only in HD (half duplex) operation no output of virtual temperature