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Walk-in type ovens

Our walk-in type industrial electric ovens without bottom insulation are designed to provide the user with various types of loading possibilities and are built from high quality materials, such as heavy-duty metal parts and thermal insulation materials, which are manufactured in our factory. The oven can be loaded using any type of trolley or any other convenient way, that can withstand the processing temperature. Fit with a selection of precise digital controllers and certified heating elements to ensure excellent temperature stability. This range of ovens can be applied for annealing, curing, hardening, primary heating, normalising, stress relieving, and other thermal treatment processes up to 350 °C. Induced air circulation ensures an even temperature distribution and achieves great uniformity.



  • Equipped with non-programmable controller Omron E5CC
  • Control panel on the left/right side (depending on customer needs)
  • Adjustable air supply / extraction
  • Ventilation motor on the top, vertical air flow
  • Heating from 2 sides with tubular (U-shaped) heating elements
  • Chamber made from mild or stainless steel
  • Thermal insulation made from rock wool
  • Outside casing – metal sheet, powder painted grey (RAL 7035), frame – black
  • Door opening to left and right sides
  • Low power consumption
  • Short heating/cooling time
  • High level of accuracy
  • Door safety switch
  • OTP (over temperature protection), Omron K8 relay
  • SSR relay
  • 1 year warranty


  • Ventilation motor on the rear, horizontal air flow
  • Automatic air vent control
  • Digital timer
  • Data recorder
  • Data communication/USB
  • Calibration and maintenance of temperature measurement system
  • Stainless steel oven exterior
  • Additional 1 year warranty